Quantum Healing In 7 Days

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Product Description

You will be invited to a PRIVATE Facebook Group (make sure to check your emails for the link). This group is a safe space of like minded people who are also seeking relief around the theme for the week. A welcome video will be posted along with more information on how to set your intentions for the week of healing. Each day for 7 straight days, Tiffany will activate a program to cleanse, clear, and release energies that are no longer serving you, dissolve and dismantle emotional generators around these energies, and fold in timelines where these energies are no longer serving your highest and best in life. Tiffany will post throughout the day if anything comes up and you are encouraged to be engaged in the group. Sharing your experience will help others as well as Tiffany will work on the group based on one's experience. The day will end with golden liquid light activations that will balance your brain and nervous system. This will be like a healing Reiki session.