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Body Work Practitioner

Menstrual Issues

When I received my emotion code session with Tiffany I was on my menstrual cycle for what seemed to be 30+ days! I knew that something was off. Tiffany went into my energy field during the session to determine that at several points in my life I had experienced some form of emotional trauma. Not only was the age it happened correct but the type of experience was spot on! She removed an ancestral situation on my father's side that went back at least 8 generations! The very next day the bleeding had subsided and completely stopped on the second day. Tiffany is not only a blessing but her ability to bring physical wellness and peace to a person through this new healing modality is nothing short of AMAZING! And I must make mention that this was done energetically from a distance as I live many states away from her physically. I highly recommend Tiffany for you to receive this powerful blessing so as to experience it for yourself is to believe it. I am so grateful for her and this experience which is life changing and healing on a deep, deep level.